Sooo true. Biden has been a US congressman for over 50 years making an annual salary on average of about $100,000 per year yet his net worth is over $150M. That’s right 150 plus 6 zeros. Perhaps this could account for some of that:

Crimes against Canadians:

Prime Minister Trudeau has stated that men can be women and women can be men. This is the leader of our country!!! He has stated that anyone who disagrees with him could be liable for a hate crime.

Oxymoronic Health Canada is now allowing the sale of cocaine and other hard drugs in Canada. Anyone who disagrees with this policy could be faced with a hate crime.

Trudeau’s government is implementing an Internet censorship bill. Anyone who questions this policy could be charged with a hate crime.

Trudeau denies any knowledge of Chinese influence in Canadian election interference. Canada’s intelligence community (CSIS) has stated that he was briefed twice in the past before and after the 2019 election. Trudeau threw CIS under the bus openly in Parliament with denial of any knowledge whatsoever and he has stated categorically that anyone who pursues this line of questioning could be open to a hate crime charge.

Trudeau’s coalition has stated that anyone who questions the indigenous “grave” industry could be guilty of a hate crime.

If any Canadian dissents or disagrees with Trudeau on any policy could be open to a hate crime under Trudeau’s, erm, Canadian law.

How can he get away with this?

“Because I am Prime Minister and you’re not.”

Trudeau not dressing up for Halloween this year

A true narcissist is one who will deflect blame for any shortcoming in order to preserve their delusion of one’s personal aggrandizement.

Canadian government buys Trans Mountain Pipeline. Estimates established cost to complete the pipeline at just over $4 Billion. But, given that the government is now in charge the costs have exploded to over $30Billion. Proof again that the Trudeau government Fu^%s up everything it touches.

Darwin Award is presented to…..ta da:

Georgia man crushed to death while trying to steal catalytic converter: police.

Love it.

Trudeau’s favourite song.

And, if you don’t like it you may be charged with a hate crime.

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