Covid Crap

“It is a threat of the highest order to the country, and indeed to the world.” “The undisputed existence of a threat to the future of humanity cannot be ignored.”

I thought Covid was.

Who do you think produced these lines: Did they come from Greta Thunberg’s Twitter account? Or maybe they’re excerpts of a Greenpeace Canada press release? A statement from a Green Party MP, perhaps? Nope. These words came from the Supreme Court of Canada in their 6-3 decision for the constitutionality of Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.

Since when did supreme court judges become politicized? Since when did they allow their own personal biases to dictate their decisions on matters of government policy?

This is the world we now live in. Woke up people.

We no longer have leadership in this country of ours.

So, over 85% of Covid deaths in Canada are of people over 75. Right now in BC almost 100% of people over 75 have been vaccinated. Result? More effin lockdowns. Ban everything until April 19. On the 18th of April it will be mid May, then June and on and on she goes. This is insane government policy that is not based on anything but fear. Certainly not on fact.

We no longer have leadership in this province.

Taxpayers on the hook for MPs raises of up to $6,400 on Thursday

Why are they smiling? Well, while you and I are suffering through this lockdown, and while many Canadians out there have lost their ability to earn a living, they just gave themselves a $6,400.00 raise in pay.

Ottawa is bereft of leadership.

Hey, we banned, or should I say, the government banned plastic straws.


More than 1.5 billion face masks will pollute oceans this year, report says.


Let’s ban face masks to save the planet.

Let’s see. We wear masks, we social distance ourselves, we follow the government’s regulations. Result.


Perhaps, these measures do not work. Just sayin.

Conservative MP Derik Sloan dares to criticize Dr. Tam, Canada’s chief medical officer. Result? Fired from his party, called a racist, bigot etc.

Lefty Journalist Don Martin criticizes Dr. Tam. Result? Journalistic award given.

Wokeness has killed thousands of people. Just keep scaring us, government and the press.

I have done this before but it deserves repeating. How many Canadians remember their history and the 1837 rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. These rebellions came about because of the so called Family Compact that governed this young country. The “Family”  consisted of a group of elitists for the times that controlled everything. It was a scratch my back, I’ll scratch your kind of thing. Fast forward 184 years and what do we have here in Canada? A Family Compact running this country. This time the Compact consists of the Liberal Left, as in:

Government: Left

Judiciary: Left

Press: Left

Academia: Left

Cultural: Left

Voting population: 65% Left

What’s left?

There is no opposing voices in this country and that is bad.

Oppose? You are cancelled.

Hey, if the government prints more money whenever they need it then why do we have to pay taxes? Just print more money. Just sayin.

Defending free speech is now considered racist.

I’m a racist, white priveledged dude and proud of it. So there.

I didn’t know Jeff Daniels was a singer:



Lies and More Lies

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Lies, lies and more lies. From who? They are trying to kill us. Who? Politicians that’s who.

Oh I remember the 50s and early 60s when they told us to fall under our desks at school to protect ourselves from a nuclear blast.

Yeah, that’ll work:

See the source image

Great vid by Gerald Celente, a popular trend-ist and publisher of the Trends Journal.

Masks work now they don’t work, according to Canada’s health expert. Lockdowns don’t work, so says the WHO.

Stock market bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Real Estate bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Tulip bulbs anybody:

Love the button:


Sweet little lies:

Don’t worry as God is in control of everything.