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A tad serious today:

Love this. Sad but oh so true:

But there is no doubt that the country (Canada) is dying. One has watched a steady disintegration of national unity and prosperity over the last generation. Some place the shipwreck of the country’s prospects with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program in 1980, the first move in the gradual destruction of Canada’s oil and gas producing regions, located primarily in the province of Alberta. Others target a dreary succession of incompetent, high-taxing prime ministers, culminating in the electoral victories of Justin Trudeau, inarguably the least qualified and most unpriministerial, incompetent holder of high office in the entire history of Confederation.

The list of his misdemeanors, spendthrift excesses, and corrupt practices, circulated by Gordon Miller, a director of Canadians for Language Fairness, is unparalleled. We’ve had eccentrics in office many times, dating from the Father of Confederation John A. MacDonald, who was often in his cups. William Lyon MacKenzie King was a table rapper who communed with the spirits of his mother and his dog (though Michael Bliss in Right Honorable Men praises King as “Canada’s most highly-educated prime minister”). Pierre Trudeau posed as a sandal-wearing swinger and used his “swashbuckling hippie style” to advantage, effectively polarizing the nation. But nothing like the political reprobate and misfit Justin Trudeau has ever befallen this nation before. One recalls Canada’s 13th prime minister John Diefenbaker’s remark that “You can’t stand up for Canada with a banana for a backbone.” Nor with a banana anywhere else on your anatomy.

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Ah those smug Canadians. With all of the crap going on out there, this is the best Canadian Real Estate boards can come up with:

Toronto real estate board bans the term “master bedroom”

A first world problem for sure.

If only the Democrats and Progressives could tell the difference:

As more and more people get vaccinated for Covid / Coronavirus, and it is lessening as a crisis, the UN has to revamp its climate catastrophe to keep us plebes (you and me) in a constant state of fear, so:

The World Is “On The Abyss” From Climate Crisis 

Of course it is.

What constitutes the underlying essence of racism in the US and Canada?

  • Critical Race Theory;
  • Systemic Racism;
  • Diversity;
  • 1619 Project;
  • The Indian Act;
  • Canada’s Official Languages Act
  • Inclusiveness, which equates to the exclusiveness of whites;
  • Democrats;
  • Liberals;
  • Universality;
  • Globalism;
  • Justice system in Canada and the US; and
  • Canada’s Family Compact.

Oh there are more I just can’t think of them at the moment.

If you support any of the above then you are a racist at heart.

Nice: Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House and the wicked witch of the west celebrates Chauvin guilty verdict by thanking George Floyd for dying.

Covid Insanity:

“So, in order to stop the spread and to mitigate deaths from Covid, which sits at about a 99% survival rate, we will stop all essential surgeries until further notice.”

“Listen people. We need just 14 days to flatten the curve.” quote from 13 months ago.

The US is in decline. Like all empires the US is being destroyed from within by their own people. This is a country where the mob rules. Where the rule of law is dictated by the masses. No one is immune from the hatred that the Democrats have for their own country.

Enjoy the decline.

Too bad…

Have a nice weekend.



I Was Blown Away

Only 94 days until Maldives disappear, according to the UN. 01 January 2018…Gone…Nada…Dive!

Image result for Pics of maldives

Hypocrisy of the media:

Athlete’s who take a knee or kneel down during the anthem should be in church, not on the field, or ice or whatever,praying hard that they will not lose their jobs. Meanwhile Tim Tebow takes a knee, called “tebowing,” in his celebration of a higher power prior to a game and he gets crucified by the press!

“I feel so oppressed” one athlete of colour was heard to say.  I was expecting $50 million this season but they only gave me $40 million. “Racist, it’s bloody racist I tell you,” as he was munching away on his Doritos, that dastardly symbol of white oppression.

Penguins hailed during visit to  the White House after winning the Stanley Cup in 2009 and 2016. Penguins vilified for daring to visit the White House after 2017 win.

Obama……………………………………………….a saint

Hillary……………………………………………….an angel

Trump……………………………………………… the devil incarnate.

You watch. Obama will be made a saint just a few years after his death.


Oh and then there is this:

Image result for pics of snowThe “World Language Body” a UN body located in Medellin Columbia wants to change the word “snow” to something else. “Snow is just sooooo White Privilege. I mean look at it. So, we are going to change it to “blow.” “That’s more in line with the world’s shared values” another WLB official snorted.  “Besides saying – it is really blowing outside – kills two descriptive statements into one. We think that is so neet (sic).”

Speaking of Blow:

“China Deals Major Blow to North Korea…”

Image result for crazy pics of kim unImage result for crazy pics of kim un


“We’ll be giving them at least 1 million kilos a year” a Chinese official was heard to say. “That’s major blow in my books. Oh, you were thinking of UN sanctions were you? Rats a good one” he responded. RoR!

Bird in the hand so to speak!

Image result for pics of trudeau and trump“Forgive me Donald, but I don’t know where that hand’s been.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion a ‘surreal’ experience for Canadian who stayed six months. “Yeah, I was on my back the whole time I was there” she said. “Wow! Sir is that for real.” when she had a peaky boo!

Every week something new from the left…to protest or get their undies all in a knot. First there was Pride, then BLM, then SJWs, then Black Olives Matter, then Green organic pizza, then Donald’s Trump, then Antifa, then statues, then pigeons defecating on their statues, then everything white, then kneeling down outside of church, then Athlete oppressions due to their high salaries. What is next? That you can no longer say “Trump” during Bridge and Euchre games? Can’t say spades either? And saying “Spades are Trump” will definitely get the clubs on you?

Oh yeah. This latest nugget from the lefty’s world of hate and intolerance: people who are right handed should be shunned and berated for their white privilege and their racist behaviour.

Hillary Clinton visits Toronto and delivers a speech at the Enercare Centre while on book tour for "What Happened."

Now you know we’re in trouble as a country. Toronto goes into rapture mode during Hillary Clinton visit. Unbelievable. Her husband receives similar treatment whenever he visits. You know Trump has the “Art of the Deal” to fall back on while the other has the “Art of the Dough” to contend with. What would you rather deal with?

Oh, so that’s why all these guys are on their knees. They pine for the good ole daze.

And what does Trudeau have? The “Art of the Screw” as he moves to screw Canadians more and more each and every day. Then again, we Canadians being so smug are smug in the knowledge that we are the most screwed nation on earth…. and loving it…………………..Geesh!


This just in from the Canadian Press: “OJ to get steak and an iPhone after release….wow. And this is news?…..Why?

Love this one. Just shows what happens when one has shit for brains. Cartoon is from Theo and Maggie’s Farm. Great blog there by the way.

Fourth Gravitational Pull detected:

Astronomers say they have detected another set of gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of space and time traveling throughout the Universe. It’s the fourth time this phenomenon has been measured by the scientists at LEGO, er sorry LIGO,or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The same group made history by detecting the first wave signals early last year. While such detections seem to be routine now, this latest discovery is unique since it was also picked up by a separate non-LIGO observatory.

“I was blown away,” one Astronomer was heard to say.


That’s all for this week. Read ya Monday. Have a great weekend.









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