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Maldives? Well, what can be said. 67 more days:

Image result for madivesAll the seafood one could want.

Slide 1 of 11: <p>The epitome of elegance, the British royal family lives a life of opulence a commoner can barely fathom. Whether they were born in the spotlight or married into it, the well-heeled Brits have captivated the world for as long as anyone can remember.</p><p>The Mountbatten-Windsor clan resides in palaces, has personal staffers at their beck and call and regularly jets off to exotic locales. But in many ways, they’re just like regular people. They have bills, like to decorate for the holidays and like to dine out every so often. Take a look at how they spend their money, and <a href="">get a glimpse of the elite family’s financial state</a>.</p>“That was a good one Kate. Next time stay downwind of us will ya. Keep smiling or I’ll have to puke!”

Majority of Torontonians are now considered visible minorities. I am a Caucasian who grew up in Toronto and I now consider myself a visible minority. But why the visible label? Why not invisible. If you are a minority then no one can really see you if you are mixed up with a majority. But if you are part of a majority then how can you be labelled a minority. Huh? Huh?, Eh? Eh? The majority rules so they say and if you are the majority then you are visible, as the majority rules, not invisible like me, who is part of the invisible minority cause no one can see a white dude anymore, what with our white privilege etc, etc, etc. Only in Toronto you say. Thank F*&K for that. Lesson here? Stay well clear of big cities.

Well this is great:  A top UK official told the BBC last week that ISIS terrorists from the UK returning from Syria and Iraq will not be prosecuted. Instead, the government will try to reintegrate them back into society because they were “naive” when they joined the genocidal terrorist group. Yeah, let’s have a parade:

Image result for pics of isis “What’s the problem here guys? One was heard to say. “We are only getting ourselves ready for Guy Fawkes Day. By the way can someone tell us how to get to Whitehall?

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Anguished Liberals plan shout-out on the anniversary of Trump’s election. Yeah, we would much rather have these guys in charge. See, even the guy in the green sweater thinks this is funny.

Oh millennials hate being labelled as such. Too effin bad. Gov’t paid a firm $54K to find this out. Man of man, or woman, or zey, zir, zits or zat is too effin bad. This from a dude, me, who has borne the Baby Boomer label all of his life. Here’s the chart produced by Gov’t as only a Gov’t can do.





Hey, as a boomer I can relate to the couch but where’s the pic of the basement in all of this. “Want to be heard as we hate to listen. We’re socially responsible as long as we can get our weed cheap and legally. We want to participate – ANTIFA, BLM, SJW comes to mind and of course we all have Pride in all that we do. Yeah we’re tech natives and cry babies. We have the entrepreneurial spirit as long as we don’t have to listen to anybody, and we want experiences that take ourselves outside of our comfort zone – and that doesn’t mean taking the trash out. LISTEN TO US. It’s all about me, me, me, me, and more me.”

Oxymoron of the week: “Canadian Correctional Services.” The Grand Valley federal prison for women received its first male inmate last week, a 54-year-old man who is still a fully functional male who hasn’t yet undergone re-assignment surgery. Only in Canada. Get this: “She hadn’t violated any parole conditions, but began to “present as emotionally volatile,” a “behavioural deterioration which seems to have coincided with the start of hormone therapy,” CSC documents suggest, as only a government paid shrink could assess. Wonderful zey all agreed.

I can only cry file. Which industry creates the most wealth and reduces poverty in Canada? The resource sector! For those not familiar with this term resources equate to oil and gas exploration and extraction, lumber, mining, fishing etc – all activities that the NDP, Green and now Liberals want to discredit and eliminate from our national lexicon. Their solution. Baristas on every street corner and cheap weed. Keep the populace stoned all the time and they will be happy. But in all of this and by adopting the new math – something that I have shown many times on this blog – they have forgotten this simple equation:

Strong economy = good paying jobs = more taxes = more government revenue = more social services = higher standard of living = happy wife = happy life. Take any of those elements out and you have??????? ……. “The Maritime Provinces in Canada!”

In Toronto: Trick or Treat equates to dental floss, apples and free passes to the library. I hear that the sale of eggs to young people has increased ten fold in this progressive city in the days leading up to Halloween.

Darwin Award candidate of the year: “It’s been over a week since we learned the plight of Canadian Joshua Boyle and his American wife, Caitlin Coleman, allegedly kidnapped by the Taliban while enjoying a backpacking trip to Afghanistan. Why wouldn’t Boyle want to take his very pregnant wife backpacking in one of the most up-side down, gunned-up regimes in the world? What could possibly go wrong? 5 years as a hostage, that’s what (Rebel).

Image result for pics of boyle family taken hostage by taliban

Afghanistan National Park, welcoming committee.

Image result for pics of boyle family taken hostage by talibanHeard in pissing that they’re going to settle in Bountiful British Columbia. With that beard he will be a shoe-in. Not sure about her though. Poor kids – not shown here.


That’s all she wrote.