I Am White. Therefore I am…White!

Profound comment of the month:

“I am white, therefore I am….white….therefore”

That is so profound man.

See the source imagePrincely!


This is how bloody stupid we, as a society, have become:

“White People’s Diets are Killing the Environment” So says the New York Post. I would have thought the New York Times…but the Post?

Would you like fries with that? Pass the cheeze please….eee gads.

Airports are dropping Chick-a-filet after democrats complain. Chick -a-Filet is French southern fried chicken. Is there really such a thing? To be replaced by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Finger lickin good for them I says. Take that you black southern racists. I am saving the planet one belch and fart at a time. And I am a whitey.

In fact I am proud to be a white Judeo Christian dude.  Hey-Oh, Hey-Oh, Hey- oh oh oh oh oh. I’m a white Judeo Christian dude and proud of it.

And here is some other drivel from our progressive left and Social Justice Warriors:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the latest Democratic Party candidate for president to make a very important point – white men and our culture are the worst. The whole field has, in one way or another, said pretty much the same thing. And you know what? They’re right, we’re awful. Especially those of us who are straight. It’s time to reject our white male culture and become gay! Yes, let’s go extinct as a race and save the planet one arse hole at a time.

When you think about it, what have we, the white man, ever done for humanity anyway?  Well, not much if you don’t count the concept of liberty, democracy, ending slavery, liberating the world from fascism and communism, modern medicine, air travel, computers, cell phones, the Renaissance, Reformation, Slinky, Hoola Hoops and just about everything that is good in life. Other than that, nothing!

Martin Luther King Jr used to talk about how it was his dream that Democrats would embrace segregation again and purge the culture of whitey, so it’s surprising they, the democrats, have waited this long to do just that. Now, thanks to Democrats and Liberals, we have segregated college dorms, graduations, dances, even segregated media coverage of mayoral candidates’ event, so they’re making MLK proud, or something. (tongue firmly in cheek about what MLK said).

I had a dream and it was a nightmare. It is time for common sense to make a comeback.

As I have said and quoted many, many times here on this blog – from Cicero – some Roman white dude from Italy way back in 443 AD: “everything the progressives touch they destroy.”

See the source image                          “Hey I’m cool and colour blind, because I have brown hair”


Have a Great Navy day.