Diversity is Our Strength

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

Names of Canadian Passchendaele dead are inscribed on the marble walls of the Vimy Ridge Memorial near Arras, France.


Sorry. missed yesterday. Away in Vancouver all day.


Scaramucci, Skeletor’s brother and Presidents Trump’s former press secretary, in what will probably be seen as the shortest tenure achieved as a Press Secretary in US History, says that there are those out there who are out to get Trump ousted!  Noooo Really? No wonder this guy was………………..FIRED.  “He Man” told him to scurry back to Castle Greyskull.

Everything is being politicized these days. Even the CFL. Last Sunday while watching the BC Lions and Sask Roughrider’s game, I noticed that all of the Lion’s coaching staff were wearing: “Diversity is our Strength” Tee shirts. They then went on to lose 38 – 8. They got trounced by Sask. Be very careful of the message you want to convey here guys. Just play football and leave the messaging to BLM, or Antifa, or Pride or any of those other (insert name here).

Another useful tidbit from the obviousness file: Ellen Degenerate is gay!!! “Really.” Someone was heard to say. “Yeah, well Marvin’s Gay too,” another bragged. That’s Marvin Gaye you idiot. He was a singer, now deceased, and he was not gay.


Junior Darwin awards given out to nine year old children for trying to drink boiling water. Don’t ever try this at home. Just trying to boil down the gene pool someone was heard to say.

Apparently this child was the son or the daughter of a woman in Texas who wasn’t happy about a museum’s plan to hold a workshop or learning event during the upcoming solar eclipse. She called to ask the museum if they could move the eclipse to another day such that her own children could attend. Apparently her name was Darwinian (KISS FM Bellingham).

Another candidate for this award was a woman who drove her car with a propane BBQ, letting the gas off in the back seat. Her passenger, another woman of dubious but of a similar background to her then lit a cigarette. When the paramedics arrived all she could say was that she always wanted a convertible.


Jimmy Fallon criticizes Trump……. Who is Jimmy Fallon??


This just in: Why Duchess Kate isn’t allowed to sign autographs!  “She can’t write”… a palace official was overheard to say.

Jamie Oliver burnt his penis in a naked cooking demonstration…..”Hot Dogs anyone?? Hmmmmm??”

CRTC to comment on Canadian Content decisions……still waiting…..still waiting…..still waiting…..still waiting.

From the  I don’t give two flying F%$ks file: …..Oprah won’t marry Steadman Graham.

That’s all folks.


News that just can’t be made up.



Is That Zedd or Zee?

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

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Lest We Forget


Premier Wall retires from Provincial politics……Damn. Only premier left in this country with some balls to stand up to the Regressive Lefts. Premier Wynne, who has no balls…last time I checked…is jubilant.

“We can finally implement our agenda to control every aspect of Canadian lives…” someone was heard to say.


NHL threatens to cancel its 2018 draft in Dallas if city continues with its One Sex… One bathroom policy. This coming from an all male dominated oligarchical organization. No women allowed into this all boys club. They only have one bathroom in their boardrooms, for all the dicks that are part of this organization.

NHL? Stick it to sports and stay out of politics.

Why do we have to politicize everything these days?….Geesh.


NK / US Crisis

Image result for N Korean Officers military hats  This pic cracks me up.                Nah, Trump has nothing to worry about here.

Give your heads a shake, for crikey sakes. Ahhh, maybe not.


Bestiary Images:  Bestiary texts offer animal-lore as a source of allegorical lessons for moral spiritual guidance. The earliest bestiary manuscripts date to the beginning of the 12th century. Or…the everything you wanted to know about bestiary manual.

Interestingly, at the same time sheep proliferated throughout Europe, particularly in the UK. Wellies would not make their debut until centuries later. Then PETA.


Whales being threatened by shipping. In response to a whale watching collision with a humpback whale off Victoria BC recently, Ottawa has taken dramatic action to ensure the mammal rights of the right whale, or is that the left whale? Ships will now be banned from transiting the Juan de Fuca Strait. Liz May is beside herself with glee.

“Yeah, but what about banning or regulating those whale watching boats…” someone with common sense asked of the government.

“This is really an issue of the left whale not knowing what the right whale is doing.” said a government spokesperson in response. “We will immediately set up a mammal rights commission on both coasts. We’ll have a whale of a time here guys and gals.


Government leaders in BC state that if Kinder Morgan pipeline tries to go through you will see protests out here the likes you have never seen….great. Just what we need. More instability.

BC Green leader states that: “In the B.C. Green caucus’s view (3 people), the National Energy Board process that led to this project’s approval was profoundly flawed,” Weaver said in a statement. He / they should know…right? “Numerous questions remain unanswered or were simply dismissed (Victoria Times Colonist).

Of course it was flawed. It ruled against the Green Party’s wishes. No fossil fuels period. Nada, niet whatsoever. Fossils are so, so 20th Century, don’t you know? Just like you Mr Weaver.

Hear are our Provincial leaders who castigate national energy strategic initiatives to further their own ideological agendas. To hell with the rest of Canada, oh except for Canada Day that is: “Don’t we live in such a grand diversified country where compromise is our strength in depth!”

Canada Day over now? Yes…oh those federal bastards and no good idiots east of the Rockies…F$#k them.

I still cannot get over the fact that a party that won only 3 seats out of 87 wields so much power in this province.

I just hope none of these gonads comes down with a life threatening health problem. If they do they will be thankful for the petroleum industry.

Canada is becoming a third world basket case!


Canadian diplomat suffered hearing loss while in Cuba. Blames it all on Climate Change and the Salsa!


This just in: eight things your farts can reveal about your health….yeah, I know of only one and….it stinks, now get off the couch!


20M jobs on the way if Canada adopts green agenda. Of course, but the narrative left one word out of their announcement. It should have read: 20M jobs on the way…out!


From the “Who gives a Fu$k factor:” Zedd on dating Selena Gomez. Or is that Zee.


Have a great weekend.




Bone Heads!


May – Nov 1917

The Mud and the Blood

Image result for passchendaeleCan you imagine fighting in this environment


Google: Diversity of opinion is our strength and the cornerstone of our success.  They then go out and fire a senior computer engineer for daring to criticize the organization. I just transferred to Bing. Google really is Big Brother and the Holding Company!


WW3 Battle of the Nuclear Hairstyles. In this corner Kim Flung Poo – Leader of the Bone Heads and in the other corner Donald J TRUMP – the Apprentice Politician.

Donald Trump Hair

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No clear winner here!


Saw a great Tee today with the caption:

Your (insert whatever here) sucks and your (insert whatever here) is ugly.


From the world of obviousness comes this: according to a poll the majority of Europeans would not fight for their country. Worst continent of countries in the world that would cut and run. France leading the charge with the most white flag factories per capita than anywhere in the world. And you know what? They have two world wars to prove it. Just bitch, whine and criticize those countries who come and bail you out. I include the UK in this mix. But, not the next time. When the Muslims overtake you guys do not come running or crying to us here in North America to help you out. We will not answer the call.

Where oh where is Charles the “Hammer” Martel when you need him.


From the waiting for the crash file comes this; Tesla testing its new semi-truck self driving technology in Nevada desert. Yeah. Lots of traffic road rage there buddy.

Another obviousness comment: Marijuana use may be bad for hypertension problems and impact brain and cognitive functionality. Only problem with this study is that the researchers couldn’t get their target audience to respond to their tests or questions when asked. A side bar: Incidences of Dorito purchases skyrocketed.

Never heard of this oxymoronic tidbit of news. CBC has a Comedy App. Has had it up and running for three years now. This must be a joke!

I can’t believe this: Albertan triple murdered gets 75 years without any chance for parole. No way. Not in Canada. Wait for the appeal. This will be reduced down to a more acceptable 3-5 years, less with time served. Out in 6 months. Guaranteed. He didn’t mean to do it…honest! Trudope believes him, sympathizes with him and will support his appeal with a $10.5M grant

With respect to all the insanity surrounding the N Korean / US vocal spat, why is all the rhetorical focus and criticism on Trump? Kim Flung Poo gets a free ride. How can anyone trust guys who wear hats like this.

Image result for N Korean Officers military hats I think we will be okay.

Those are MAGA Hats man.

Image result for Coneheads 1993

Cone heads? Meet the Bone heads!

Go Trump Go. Make America Great Again.

Another bit from the obviousness file: The National Post’s Andrew Coyne hates Donald Trump.

Weather causes PTSD, which in turn is caused by Climate Change. Just stay indoors or in your bubble.

Climate Change is behind the failure of Gore’s new documentary. Movie theatres refused to take any climate change for admission. Bitcoins only.






Udderly Bizzaro

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

Canadian Memorial


Leonardo Di Crapio just bought a beachfront lot and cottage at Malibu. “How’s that sea level rising catastrophe working for you Leonardo?” This from the same guy who thought an Alberta chinook was climate change ground zero. Millennials? How can you believe the shyte from this shyster.

Why is it that Climate shysters and false prophets can say anything at all, truth be damned, and the press eats it all up as fact? People? Just take a look out your window.

Refugees from the United States continue to flow into Canada via Quebec and Manitoba unabated. Politicians say let them in. I say keep them out. In a country where you can get a ticket and huge fine for fishing without a licence but can come into the country illegally without recriminations is in my view…no country. Does sovereignty mean nothing to Turdope? I want my country back. Leftie activism is destroying our society and way of life. Is there no rule of law anymore in Canada?

PETA compares dairy farming to rape. No way say the farmers. The dairy farmers categorically tell us that they can’t find boots big enough to accord them. Next up: PETA wants to take sheep farmers “wellies” away from them as well. PETA says:”Help end violence, reproductive control, and rape of females of animal species who desperately need us to speak up for them.” No lets get rid of PETA. They have no clue and yet the media continues to give them a platform. Question for PETA. One of your more famous spokespersons has boobs that are udderly huge. Is this person a good role model to progress your stupidity about “cows” producing milk?

Migrant pitches rocks into an Italian restaurant. Complains that the bread sticks were stale and the pasta overcooked.

Reports from US intelligence states that North Korea had produced a miniature sized nuclear warhead for its miniature sized missiles. Don’t worry Trump. It turns out that this miniature warhead was produced so that Kim Sung Poo can have a leg up on his opponent when he plays “Battleship” during his weekly bath time. Why are so many men called “Kim” in North Korea? Are they all transgendered over there? Have you noticed the size of the hats that the military Officers wear?

Japanese have invented ice cream that doesn’t melt. Problem is is that it doesn’t melt in your mouth either, or in your stomach. After eating some people complained that they felt like they had a brick sitting in their stomachs or stuck in their throats. Passing was a challenge as well. No thanks. I like licking my fingers. Melting ice cream equates to summer.

People across southern Europe – Spain, Italy, Balkans, Greece etc  complaining that tourism is wrecking their lives and standard of living. It has to stop. Okay, I am willing to go somewhere else. Be careful what you wish for and by the way, I hear that there are about 6 million illegal refugees and migrants ready to take their place.

A Trump senior aid believes Google, and Facebook should be treated like any other utility, such as a sewage treatment facility!

Hey, governments at all levels don’t give two hooters about debt – so why should I?

Home building is booming in Canada. Trouble is is that no Canadian can afford them. They’re being built to accommodate offshore investors. Sad

I saw a headline from a national newspaper that still claims Russia got Trump elected. No, the US electorate did. Stop spreading fake news.

This just in from the Climate Change file: Dodgy greenhouse gases from Italy detected by Swiss monitoring stations? In response Italy cracks down on the production of mozzarella sticks and meatball producing factories. Beano is next to go one Italian spokesperson was heard to remark.

Gores latest climate change disaster sequel performs poorly at the box office. Blames poor performance on Climate Change. Just another fad someone was heard to say. Ho Hum! Pass the popcorn. Prediction alert: Gore’s sequel wins 2017 Oscar for best documentary; accompanying song wins Oscar for best song and Gore wins second Nobel peace prize.

I can’t make this stuff up people.




Right Hand vs Left Hand.

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

Image result

15,000 Canadian Casualties in two weeks in Oct / Nov 1917

 Me? I’m just waiting for the crash:

  • From the folks that brought you Driverless Cars comes this next bit of mumbo on the Jumbo. Pilotless planes: just think of the money we will save. Plus lower fares for the travelling public. But who is going to collect?
  • If you think insurance rates are insane now, just wait for it.
  • Y’know. I love driving.

Just saw a vid about all of the important stuff the Arab nations contributed to society……………..It was a very short video. But one Arab said it all honestly: “Arabs have nothing to give western civilization.” Well yes, one thing in particular that has caused many an explosive riot in the west and starts with the letter “T”………………………Geesh.

Also they are very good at urban renewal I hear.

Facebook sucks.

Google sucks.

Hey google believes in diversity, including diverse thought and critical thinking. Then goes out and fires one of its senior computer geeks for daring to voice an opinion about that very issue.

Wife asked me to go out and get a red onion. I did but it wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t red enough. “But its just an onion” I said. “Wars have been fought over less of an issue” she said. Same for celery, not green enough or cucumbers. “But they’re not firm enough.” she says. Freudian slip perhaps? “Hey you ask a guy to go out and get some produce for ya? You takes your chances.

Speaking of firm cucumbers. Just like those cucumbers in the EU. 250 different regulations about growing a cucumber that is straight. Curved ones are substandard. Too individualistic for the EU. Group Stinks, er Think I would tink! Tell that to every virile male out there! Oh wait, this is the EU isn’t it? I take that cucumber back.

Funeral home fined for using the same casket but not changing the linen. So, like, who cares anyway. The guy is dead. Bed bugs can’t compete with those other critters.


From the “I don’t give two Fu#ks category:” Rhianna fans blast Chris Brown for comments. What like “no talent.” And who is Rhianna? And who is Chris Brown?


Robert Mitchum’s witty comments. I have two acting styles: “with and without a horse.” Oh how I pine for those honest days when men were men and women were like: DiCaprio and Ruffelo.


Sinnead O’Connor……..sad!

This just in from Toronto: “No casinos, no casinos, no casinos. Read my lips – no casinos.”

“Um, Madame Premier, Mayor. Our budget shortfall this year will be a gazillion trillion.”

Heard today in passing at Queens’ Park and City Hall: Casino planned for Woodbine…..Geesh.


Our Liberal Government’s warped view of the world as hundreds of “refugees” flood into Montreal. We are a welcoming society Trudeau states. We welcome all Refugees but we want to protect all Canadians “Um, er sorry Emperor Justinian. Put your clothes back on for these people are not refugees. They are illegal immigrants jumping the queue because they don’t like Trump.” Full stop.

Just in. Illegal weapons flooding into Canada from the US!

Canada you say?…………..Shitty.  A place where the left hand has no idea or concept of what the right hand is doing, or vice versa.

I want my country back.