A Young Sailor

Another excerpt from another book I am working on:

One day in November, mid morning, while I was reading the sailing directions of some of the islands and atolls of the south and central pacific I heard a commotion topside. I left the confines of the cabin and rose out and into the cockpit and the bright mid morning sun. There, in the channel just to the east of me and adjacent to Holomoana Blvd, was a large Ketch transiting slowly toward the end of the channel with its turning basin. This was an area used by the yacht club’s boat owners to tie up and load up supplies prior to a sail.

I could not see anyone on deck. They appeared to be out of control. No engine noise could be heard. The large mainsail was reefed to an extent that the main looked like a very small sailcloth. It was the only means of propulsion for the boat, as no other sails were up. Everything appeared to be secure. They must be in danger or need assistance, I thought. Without hesitation, I left Akaru and ran down the dock through the dock’s access gate and across the parking lot as fast as I could. Crossing under the concrete awning and overhang walkway of the Ilikai Hotel I stopped in an area that was situated at the entrance to Kahanamoku Street but on the channel side of the street. I waited with nervous anticipation to provide assistance for this vessel, as I was still a novice with these things.

Suddenly a small man appeared topside. He saw me and waved. He did not seem to be concerned in the least as to his current situation, unlike Skip. To him, everything was under control. The mainsail came down and this young man walked back to the helm, ready to manoeuvre the boast under its potential energy and latency. Another crew appeared, walked up to the foredeck with a mooring line. He saw me and smiled, and waved, giving me a military-like salute. I had never seen these guys or this boat around these parts before.

The boat altered slightly to starboard and then, with a hard turn of the wheel the boat came around to port to present a starboard side aspect to the concrete pier. The bow was pointing north which would provide easy access to the channel when time came to depart. Even though the seaside of the pier was fitted with rubber tires as protective fenders, the boat had its own white fenders fitted to fend off for further protection. The crewman forward threw me the mooring line, which I caught and secured to one of the cleats forward. The helmsman and crew worked the boat in tandem with its momentum and mooring line until such time that the boat was secure, starboard side to.

“Thanks man,” the crew forward said to me. He was very young I thought with long black hair parted in the middle and falling down both sides of his head to his shoulders. It was thin, stringy like with no body to speak of. Perhaps his hair had not seen water or shampoo for many days, even weeks. It had a matte look to it. He was dressed in beige shorts with a dirty white tee. He was well tanned, not tall but medium built. Not an ounce of fat on him…bare feet on the teak decks.

The helmsman threw me a stern line, which I secured. This guy was also very young, but with a shorter mop of hair that appeared thick and wavy with the texture and look of steel wool. It fell back tightly in form from his forehead across the top of his head and crown and then flared out and down over his ears and the nape of his neck. It was of a colour that I could not discern: not blond of any shade nor was it brown. It seemed to be a mix of a light brown colour highlighted with a tinge of sun bleached blond, maybe even grey, and extremely dense in texture, almost like the hair of a Blackman.

Yet he wasn’t black. His complexion was fair. He had a face full of freckles. Indeed his exposed skin held a mass of freckles but it was not sun burned or damaged. He had a weathered but healthy look about him. His eyes were of a bluish grey, dull, but in sharp contrast to his skin tone. Like his mate he was of medium build. No deck shoes.

“Thanks man, appreciate it.”

“No problem.” I answered. “Where ya from? I haven’t seen you around here before.”

“Just arrived this morning.” he said. “We’re from Long Beach. My friend here is Luke Wainright. My name is Clyde Cece (Cease).”

“Hi, I’m Jim. Jim Turnbull. I am Canadian, from Toronto.”

“Great.” he said and then. “You wanna come aboard? Have a warm beer?” He laughed. That is one thing we took plenty of but our coolers and refrigeration gave out a long time ago. Added to that we are not of legal drinking age but who gives a rat’s ass in the middle of the Pacific huh?

I laughed at that.

“Oh yeah? How old are you guys?”


My jaw dropped. I looked at Luke then back at Clyde.

“Holy shit. Really? Where is your Dad?”

“No dad. At least not here. Just Luke and I. It’s a long story. C’mon aboard and make yerself at home and I’ll tell ya all about it.”

I did, and it was…a long story.

It seems that Clyde convinced his dad to let him take the boat to Hawaii.

“My dad taught me all that there is to know in handling a sailboat of this size.” He said. “I sailed across the Pacific to Australia with him and his girlfriend when I was about fourteen years old. That took us two years. It would have been a shorter cruise had it not been for a tragic misadventure on a beach in New Zealand.

“How so?” I asked.

“It had been a stormy and blustery day. Not too rough but uncomfortable. We were about two miles off the beach. My dad decided to heave to: to normalize and reduce the haphazard, lurching movement of the boat in these conditions. Comfortable now so he and his girlfriend decided to go to it in the forward berth but under a haze of booze and weed. They became inebriated and were soon comatose. They left me to my own devices. I was asleep in one of the quarter berths.” Clyde looked at me rationalizing. “There is plenty of room and privacy in a boat of this size so this was not a problem for me or for them.

“Suddenly a few hours later, I awoke to a series of thuds and a long shuddering sensation, almost a vibration, that went trough every beam and joint of “Before the Wind.” The sensation was subtle but intense enough that it bored its way through the hull and into my very being. I got out of my berth and went topside. I could not believe what I was seeing. Trees, dunes, sand and surf. But…but…what? I was confused. I should not be seeing trees or a beach, or sand dunes. But there they were before me.

“A mill of people were on the beach watching things unfold. No doubt they wanted to see the boat breakup. But “Before the Wind” was a strong, full length keeled ketch. This incident was nothing but a bit of annoyance, embarrassing perhaps, for a boat of this size and shape. Having a full keel “Before the Wind” sat almost upright on the beach in the shallow surf supported by a full length iron keel. Luckily there were no rocks or a reef, just a sandy bottom. It was comical to see the sails flapping in the stiff breeze, while the boat remained upright, lodged in the sand. In time my Dad appeared, wrapped in a blanket, none the worse for wear, shook his head in disbelief and then after a few choice words disappeared below deck and back into the forward berth. He kept his girlfriend out of the sight of the onlookers. In a few days time a tug appeared and at high tide was able to pull “Before the Wind” off of the beach and back into deep water.”

“Wow,” was all I could say. Luke remained silent. “And no damage?” I asked

“Nope, good as gold.” Clyde said

He continued his story.

“We stayed in New Zealand for a few months and when my dad was satisfied that “Before the Wind” remained seaworthy, we began the slow trek home arriving in Long Beach about 6 months later. There we remained, tied to home and day sailing or the odd weekend trip to Catalina. My pop had had it with the offshore. But he trusted me and my skill level and ability, so when I asked him about this trip he agreed without any real discussion or hesitation.

He looked at me long and hard and said. “Sure Clyde, why not.” He threw me the keys and the rest as they say is history.”

“Wow, great story.” I said

A Chicago cover group from Russia: Leonid and Friends


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F&^K The Fans

From Paul Joseph Watson

“Yeah, it’s so unfair that Billy there is making 3M Euros and I am only making 2. So unfair. Inequality. It must be because I am Black. I’ll take a knee in protest. It is so un-diverse, so unequal…so non inclusive.”

Y’know society is in real danger of collapse when an underlying principal of the new generation is to admire and support domestic terrorist organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA.

Sports, like everything else these days, has become politicized. Take a knee if you want to but I do not have to watch you. The beauty of TV is that I can turn it off or change the channel. And I will.

Owners shall do so in peril. The new mantra of sports? Fuck the Fans.

If you want to get back to some normalization of society ditch social media. It is destroying society, especially our children, who will soon be the leaders of tomorrow…thankfully I will be dead.

Also, our governments should get out of the United Nations…no longer united but a divisive organization that wants One World Government with them in charge. They will do anything to accomplish this through fear. Covid pandemic and climate change apocalypses are their primary tools to implement this.

(National Post) Since the advent of the COVID pandemic, Mark Carney, former head of the Bank of Canada, England and other things, has been front and centre in the promotion of a political agenda known as the “Great Reset,” or the “Green New Deal,” or “Building Back Better.” All are predicated on the claim that COVID, and its disruption of the global economy, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not just to regulate climate, but to frame a more fair, more diverse, more inclusive, more safe and more woke world.

(Me) Code for…Communism. Only this time it will be different…so they say.

It is never different.

(National Post) Carney draws inspiration from, among others, Marx, Engels and Lenin, but the agenda he promotes differs from Marxism in two key respects. First, the private sector is not to be expropriated but made a “partner” in reshaping the economy and society (Oh, you mean Fascism). Second, it does not make a promise to make the lives of ordinary people better, but worse. Carney’s Brave New World will be one of severely constrained choice, less flying, less meat, more inconvenience and more poverty: “Assets will be stranded, used gasoline powered cars will be unsaleable, inefficient properties will be unrentable,” he promises. The agenda’s objectives are in fact already being enforced, not primarily by legislation but by the application of non-governmental — that is, non-democratic — pressure on the corporate sector via the ever-expanding dictates of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and by “sustainable finance,” which is designed to starve non-compliant companies of funds, thus rendering them, as Carney puts it, “climate roadkill.” What ESG actually represents is corporate ideological compulsion. It is a key instrument of “stakeholder capitalism.(Me – is it to be Communism or Fascism Mark?) And all of the stakeholders are guys like Carney, who make a gazillion dollars. Do ya think they will be living in shit hole cities like LA? Or Portland? Say in Youngstown Ohio? You will under this plan.
Youngstown OhioOr LA. Your new hometown:
Carney’s Agenda is promoted by the United Nations and other international bureaucracies and a vast and ever-growing array of non-governmental organizations and fora, especially the World Economic Forum (WEF), where Carney is a trustee. Also, perhaps most surprisingly, by its corporate victims. No one wants to become climate roadkill.
(Me) Code for One World Government. Luckily for me I will be dead and gone…Rapture or no Rapture.

If it moves tax it. More evidence of the move to One World Governance: Global Taxation, which the G7 agreed to this past week at a rate of 15%

Wait for the every breath you take tax. It is coming.

Love this song. Alvin Lees and 10 Years After. Hate modern music as it has no soul.

Or this:

Such innocence. Imagine? A biker at a candy store??

I had a real crush on the blonde when I was 14. She was 16.






Woke Up People

See the source image

Toxic Canadian white men land at Juno Beach 06 June 1944.

Ah, the millennial generation. Don’t ya just love it. Shout out to our wonderful leftist educational system that brought this generation into the world. Just think what their offspring will bring to the table. Consider:

Sunday was June 6. What pray tell happened on June 6? Our PM has no clue as there was no mention of this important date in history by him or anyone else in Canada;

There is a movement out there to cancel Canada Day;

Canada now has the highest level of debt of any G7 or G20 country. Higher than the so called failed states of Greece or Spain / Italy;

Residential school outrage – there has always been and always will be residential school outrage. It is tragic and sad but we know not of the circumstances behind this, other than the fact that it occurred…in the past;

Trudeau demands Catholic church address the residential school atrocities, issue an apology, which they have done numerous times, and hand over their records –  but no mention of the Anglican and United Church’s culpability in all of this;

Trudeau considers himself a feminist yet does very manly toxic masculinity things including firing two of his most important female cabinet ministers;

Trudeau calls us all racist yet I cannot remember ever wearing blackface – as our fearless leader had done three or four times;

Trudeau is against cultural misappropriation yet does that very thing with his trip to India;

See the source image

Trudeau has branded Canada a racist country guilty of genocide. Think about that. Every Canadian is guilty of genocide. The most heinous crime against humanity…ever.  Our PM says so. By making that statement Canada is on the same path as Nazi Germany, Uganda, Turkey and the Pol Pot regime.  So why hasn’t the Hague and the International Court taken action on the PM and his cohorts? Why hasn’t a Nuremberg style trial been initiated?;

See the source image

Trudeau supports Quebec separation by his acknowledgement that Quebec is a nation within Canada and has every right to change and amend our constitution without having been a signatory on it. But, the other provinces have no right to do the same;

Trudeau believes that the only good PMs of Canada have come from Quebec;

Trudeau is bent on the destruction of the Canadian economy and supports the so called great reset;

Trudeau loves the Chinese government;

Trudeau and his cohorts believe Climate Change is an existential threat because CO2 is a poison. That comment alone should scare people as Co2 is one of life’s building blocks. It is not a poison. Without it there would be no hospitable planet to live on;

Trudeau has put Canadian lives at risk by his poor response to the pandemic;

And on and on it goes. And yet his popularity increases.

I do not get it other than he is a product of this so called woke culture that is destroying the western world.

Wake up Canada to this Canadian woke madness. Vote this guy out of office at the next election.

Consider that:

Two toxic Canadian white men discovered insulin and saved millions of lives;

A toxic English white man discovered penicillin and saved millions of lives;

A toxic Jewish white man discovered the polio vaccine and saved millions of lives;

Hundreds of thousands of toxic white men led the fight against Nazi Germany and Hirohito’s Japan, and saved millions and millions of lives;

100,000 Canadian toxic white men of the Canadian Corp won the First World War during the last 100 days of the Great War.

To name but a few toxic white men.


Yes we are but not for reasons of wokeness.


On Fire

Yeah, Iran is a real threat. The US and Israel should be shaking in their boots:

Iran’s largest navy ship sinks after catching fire in Gulf of Oman

Iran’s largest navy ship sinks after catching fire in Gulf of Oman

Iran’s largest ship sinks for no good reason. Wonder who may be behind that.

Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man. was in collusion with the Democrats to undermine Trump’s nomination to the supreme court.

“Me too,” said another accuser.

California is now considered a US Gulag, a state shithole, yet Democrats continue to believe that California is THE model for the rest of the country.

California dreamin….

Democratic Government signage:

Meant to say Conservative pedestrians.

Will we ever learn the harsh lessons from the past?

Google Diversity Chief: Jews Have ‘Insatiable Appetite for War’…

Canadian government largess incompetence: Canada’s highest-earning families were the biggest beneficiaries of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pandemic aid, opening his government to criticism that its programs were wasteful. But…but…we’re all in this together.

Liberal economics: All told, the bottom 20 per cent of earners got just 14 per cent of the $95.2 billion in direct government transfers related to COVID-19 last year, data from the statistical agency show.

“But hey, just think…one Liberal insider was heard to say.  “We hit another record. We have the largest debt than any other G7 country. The Canadian government sure knows how to spend  your money.”

Canada’s labour market lost 207,000 jobs last month as a spike in COVID-19 variant cases led to renewed public health restrictions and raised concerns about longer-term economic consequences from the pandemic.

The unemployment rate rose to 8.1 per cent from 7.5 per cent in March, Statistics Canada reported. It would have been 10.5 per cent had it included in calculations Canadians who wanted to work but didn’t search for a job. Didn’t have to as the government’s covid largess paved the way.

Everything is racist now. Environmental racism, Mathematic racism. Science racism. You know, when everything is racist then nothing is racist.

Nice. In memory of George Floyd’s death, a Minneapolis black teenager lights an Asian woman’s hair on fire on a city bus. “White supremacy made me do it,” he says.

“I admire their basic dictatorship.” so say Trudeau about the Chinese Communist Party and government. Flashback to 04 June 1989. Chinese believed to have massacred up to a thousand Tiananmen Square protesters.


Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.


21st Century Man

“I’ll take free bucks for a thousand Justin”

The Canadian Federal government sent $9 million worth of COVID relief funding to dead people.

And in typical bureaucratic liberal-speak said that they would not have to pay it back!?!?

With a government like this, we here in Canada are doomed.

See, see…white is a colour: when you blend all of the primary colours of green, blue and red together you get… white.


So, white lives matter as well. While white is a combination of colour,  black is the absence of colour. This is not a racist thing but a fundamental of the science of the visual spectrum.

I am proud of being white and I am proud of my heritage – the bad with the good. Canadians typically focus on the bad that is why our founding father John A Macdonald has been vilified for doing what was the accepted protocol of his day. We now know that from a 21st Century perspective it was wrong. So be it. But much of what he accomplished was good.

It really boils down to partisan politics. John A was a Conservative therefore he was bad. Wilfred Laurier, a compatriot of Macdonald was a Liberal, therefore he is considered a saint by progressive standards. Yet he was equally responsible for many of the racist policies of the day…equally culpable…yet nobody here in Canada, which is 62% leftist, is calling for the eradication of his memory. To me being a Liberal equates to hypocrisy.

It bothered me reading an article by a progressive calling for the cancellation of the US Memorial Day as it glorifies American imperialism. Memorial Day arose out of the American Civil War, an internal conflict, to commemorate those Americans who died for their cause. Again, leftist ideology would destroy all that is good with a country.

Interesting how the Democratic party always gets a free ride and is held very high in leftist morality. Well, consider this. Democrats:

  • Supported slavery. All confederate states were democratic states. They were the party of slavery;
  • Jim Crow Laws were supported and upheld by the US democrats;
  • The KKK? Yup…democratically sponsored domestic terror on the blacks;
  • The Democratic Party was the party of Strom Thurmond, Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Robert Byrd to mention but a few, and the “Dixiecrats” who fought against integration;
  • Democrat policies destroyed Black families and continue to do so. So called Democratic support of the black community equates to government largess and handouts so as to keep the black man down and dependent on the government. Why? Votes;
  • Joe Biden, a democrat himself, stated just recently that a black man could be as successful as his white counterpart if only he knew how to find a competent lawyer or a good accountant; and
  • BLM? Supported by Democrats and leftists as it boils down to one thing. Segregation is good for the black community, always has been. The Dems have always fought against integration of the black man into American society.

And this:

Since 1973 19 almost 20 million Black babies have been terminated through abortion.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a leftist saint) 2009 NY Times interview about Roe Vs.Wade: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

And this:

All failed US states and cities are run by Democrats.

Would you want her for President?

And the same racist crappola, only different, equally applies to Canada: considered to be the smuggest country on the planet. We’re better than those dastardly Americans don’t ya know. Well, in many respects, we are.

This 20th century man theme could be equally applied to the 21st Century, maybe more-so