21st Century Man

“I’ll take free bucks for a thousand Justin”

The Canadian Federal government sent $9 million worth of COVID relief funding to dead people.

And in typical bureaucratic liberal-speak said that they would not have to pay it back!?!?

With a government like this, we here in Canada are doomed.

See, see…white is a colour: when you blend all of the primary colours of green, blue and red together you get… white.


So, white lives matter as well. While white is a combination of colour,  black is the absence of colour. This is not a racist thing but a fundamental of the science of the visual spectrum.

I am proud of being white and I am proud of my heritage – the bad with the good. Canadians typically focus on the bad that is why our founding father John A Macdonald has been vilified for doing what was the accepted protocol of his day. We now know that from a 21st Century perspective it was wrong. So be it. But much of what he accomplished was good.

It really boils down to partisan politics. John A was a Conservative therefore he was bad. Wilfred Laurier, a compatriot of Macdonald was a Liberal, therefore he is considered a saint by progressive standards. Yet he was equally responsible for many of the racist policies of the day…equally culpable…yet nobody here in Canada, which is 62% leftist, is calling for the eradication of his memory. To me being a Liberal equates to hypocrisy.

It bothered me reading an article by a progressive calling for the cancellation of the US Memorial Day as it glorifies American imperialism. Memorial Day arose out of the American Civil War, an internal conflict, to commemorate those Americans who died for their cause. Again, leftist ideology would destroy all that is good with a country.

Interesting how the Democratic party always gets a free ride and is held very high in leftist morality. Well, consider this. Democrats:

  • Supported slavery. All confederate states were democratic states. They were the party of slavery;
  • Jim Crow Laws were supported and upheld by the US democrats;
  • The KKK? Yup…democratically sponsored domestic terror on the blacks;
  • The Democratic Party was the party of Strom Thurmond, Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Robert Byrd to mention but a few, and the “Dixiecrats” who fought against integration;
  • Democrat policies destroyed Black families and continue to do so. So called Democratic support of the black community equates to government largess and handouts so as to keep the black man down and dependent on the government. Why? Votes;
  • Joe Biden, a democrat himself, stated just recently that a black man could be as successful as his white counterpart if only he knew how to find a competent lawyer or a good accountant; and
  • BLM? Supported by Democrats and leftists as it boils down to one thing. Segregation is good for the black community, always has been. The Dems have always fought against integration of the black man into American society.

And this:

Since 1973 19 almost 20 million Black babies have been terminated through abortion.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a leftist saint) 2009 NY Times interview about Roe Vs.Wade: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

And this:

All failed US states and cities are run by Democrats.

Would you want her for President?

And the same racist crappola, only different, equally applies to Canada: considered to be the smuggest country on the planet. We’re better than those dastardly Americans don’t ya know. Well, in many respects, we are.

This 20th century man theme could be equally applied to the 21st Century, maybe more-so




Statues commemorating great men of historical significance continue to be ripped apart or struck down in many US cities. Here in Canada we take more of a selective approach than in the states in that our Canadian protestors bring down only those statues that reflect those men of a Conservative bent, like John A Macdonald.

See the source imageWhat a mean ole codger. ” I’ll take mine neet please…a double.”

See the source imageCould have been twins except for the stache.    Only this guy assassinated Lincoln.

John A  Macdonald, Canada’s first and third Prime Minister, is now in the Canadian anarchist’s – I didn’t know we had any – cross hairs. Yes, John A  was a dastardly bastardly drunk; a phobia’s phobia in that through his tireless and selfish, self centered, racist efforts the nation called Canada was born. Just think, if we had not allowed John A to do what he did, and maintained our native, nomadic way of life, the “wheel” as we know it today would have yet to be invented in “Kanata.”

That’s in Ottawa isn’t it?

Just think:

See the source image                            Imagine? And no pollution too.

Our best export would have been Prairie Firebrand or Canadian Shield Lager.

We would have lived on the traditional lands of (insert whatever First Nation that comes to mind here).

We would have become an international leader and innovator of fashion:

See the source image

Potlatches instead of Potlucks.

Fun stuff like raiding parties and slaves.

Great music.

Great lawn furniture.

See the source image

Bring back the good ole days before 1867 I tells ya.

Why I cancelled Facebook and Twitter:

Twitter, Facebook Censored Trump, Campaign 65 Times, Leave Biden Untouched;

More Liberalism

Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer admits it: No release from lockdown without a vote for Joe Biden…nice;

Cases rise everywhere but Covid deaths are down, way down. No way!…way.

“When will this madness end so that the insanity can start.” Post Nov 3rd I guess.

Here is an oldie. 1964. Remember the Shangri…las. I had a serious crush on the lead singer.




Hey John A!

Image result for john a macdonald

It seems the Ontario Teacher’s Union wants to ban John A Macdonald’s name off of all public schools. Of course he is one of our founding fathers here in Canada – but they probably didn’t know that.

Why? Because of his racist views. Views held by about almost every dude and dude-ess that lived in those days. If you’re going to erase his name then Cartier has to go too. Erased from all schools in Quebec. Laurier as well. See how that plays out….Geesh.

The schools will now be known as Zir Ze; Hey, Hey; Whoo Payz; and Zits.


Please dear God: can we have just one day in this country without some stupid story about Trump.


Mel B walks off of America’s got talent. Sorry, but who the F%$K is Mel B?


Politicisation of just about everything:

  • ESPN pulls football announcer because his name is Robert Lee, an Asian;
  • Calgary’s cattle Methane Corporation’s new CEO’s name: “Whoo Flung Pooo” is considered a cultural misappropriation. Changes name to Holee Cau;
  • CFL team managers and support crews wear “Diversity is Strength” during football telecast, then go on to lose by a very big margin. One just can’t get away from it…ever;
  • Kapernick will not stand during the playing of the national anthem. Many others in sports as well. NAACP in support of Kapernick. Making it a racist issue…fire them all and then see how much they’ll stand without their huge paychecks;
  • NHL banning draft in Dallas due to city’s transgendered bathroom issues. City will not cave in to idiots. Grow a set Garry, just like the city of Dallas;
  • Historical Statues coming down; and
  • On and On she goes.

I think I may want to get out of Dodge here Billy – sometime soon.


Short today….have to go.