Liberal Creed

Justin trudeau makes chrystia freeland his implementer in chief and minister of everything - Artofit

Hey, we’re Liberals and you’re not. I am the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not. We’re here to screw you. Hey, this is my journalist Finance Minister and you’re not. Canadians are sooo stupid. They elected me didn’t they. “Funny that eh Christia?”

According to Liberals:

Conservatism equates to the radical far right.

There is no such thing as a radical far left.

Progressive-ism is a Liberal wet dream;

Woke-ism is a another Liberal wet dream;

Canada is the woke-ist country on the planet;

Canada’s House of Commons is, in reality, a House of Clowns;

Canada’s parliament is a Ship of Fools;

Canada is the world’s first post national state;

Only in Canada do we suffer from systemic environmental racism, whatever that means;

If you criticize a Liberal or a Liberal policy you are (insert whatever here) phobe

Liberalism means trans-parent-cy – nastiness.

Liberalism means the budget will balance itself;

Liberalism means debt, debt and more debt;

Liberalism means tax, tax and more tax;

According to Liberals, Conservatism equates to dictatorial behavior nastiness;

Liberals take the bible mantra: The Lord givith and the Lord takith away…to heart in all of their policies;

The Liberals are great at coming up with new ideas and legislation to screw us.

Sask wisdom. People are getting mad:



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