Summer In The City

The Fifteenth Hottest Third Tuesday In July Since Records Began (Last August)….wow.

I just had my third largest “dump” in all of my history on this planet

I see CO2……..really. That invisible odourless gas Greta?


I see dead people too.

See the source image

So do I. Every time I see some guy or gal tell me the earth will end in 11 years if we do not address climate change…NOW!

Well, It’s that time of year again — summer — when the weather/climate charlatans try to scare us into believing that because we are having the annual heat wave, global warming is real and the world will surely end by next summer (by which time you’ll have forgotten last summer).

I love this. Paris heat wave is proof positive that global warming climate change is real. Paris is a heat sink, a heat island. As is Toronto, Chicago, Tacoma, Atlanta, LA. they say that temps hit 40 for the first time in years. Well, wait a minute. I did a pilgrimage last summer from Vezelay France to St Jean Pied de Port – 900 kilometers in total over 45 days. On August 3rd 2018, in a small town called Premerly the temps hits 44 degrees. So there.

AOC wants to ban all jetliners with her Green New Deal. Yeah, that should work.

AOC’s favourite tune.

Oh and the temps hit 42 degrees yesterday in Toronto. Wow. On further inspection, 42 was the humidex temp. What it felt like because T.O is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, one of the 5 great lakes, a relatively large body of water. Of course humidity, due to water vapour not CO2, will be high. The actual temperature in T.O was 29 Celsius.

Yes, it is hot Virginia. It is summer. It is supposed to be hot. We have heat waves. Hot air incoming, not from Ottawa, but from weather patterns from the gulf of Mexico. If it was cool, you would have everyone complaining about the shitty summer. And in the winter, we have………..oooooo……………wait for it………….The Polar Vortex. My legs are shaking. No Virginia. It is winter. It is supposed to be cold. But now -10 is the new -30 due to the wind chill. Climate Change.

Love this headline:

Democracy Must be Suspended to Fight Climate Change. In Canada we have an elected dictatorship, so we’re already there Virginia. And as there is no debate on this I feel Democracy in this country has already been flushed down the heat sink.

How can anyone believe this shyte:


I don’t know what or who is scarier. Her or that picture.

Bill Nigh?;

Beware of false prophets.

You just wait. This 16 year old girl from Sweden will win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Laughing stock. This pic is an insult to Dante’s Divine Comedy. It is no laughing matter though. Indoctrination…you bet. No wonder climate suicides are on the rise. Blasphemous.

I do not know about you but I love summer. I love sitting out back with a cool one enjoying the sweltering heat, especially when a cool breeze pops up out of nowhere. Heaven. I remember my parents sitting in their cool basement back in the summer of the 1950s / 60s sucking back a Pilsner, while dragging away on their Buckinghams, or Camels. It was a summer heat wave. Love it.

To all of those guys out there:


You have two choices in life:
You can stay single and be miserable,
or get married and wish you were dead.

Another great song from the 60s:Monday…and don’t believe this shyte.

Or this. Remember?






HELP!……………………Pure Arrogance:

Lisa Helps, current Mayor of Victoria, is going to run again. Why? To save the planet from ourselves, that’s why.  We have to get rid of these hard lefties. They’re so damn righteous and arrogant!

Today’s headline in our city’s daily rag: Weird looking bird comes in from the cold. What, it never gets cold here guys. Plus 8C Are you kidding me? Now this is cold Victorians!

Image result for Really Cold PeopleAlso just in from Victoria, BC. Long awaited replacement for the iconic but really, really ugly Blue Bridge, which used to be black, and full of controversy in getting built. New bridge will have a blue hue at night with fish friendly accent lights! Ooooooo! How do they know that? But will the bridge work. “Don’t know,” a city official said. The steel used on this bridge was manu-fractured in China. The steel failed the quality assurance test twice. “Not too worry…move on” another city official remarked. “No story here.” I for one will avoid that bridge at all costs and if I do have to cross it I will say a prayer to the bridge gods before I go over it. Remember the Ellice Street Bridge disaster Victoria of 1895. “Yes  but when that sucker goes down the fishies will be able to see it coming down so it will not hurt the fishies and we’ll be able to find it, the bridge span that is, under water due to those lights…..Geesh, and we elected these guys and gals!

This just in: The UN IPCC states categorically that 2017 was the hottest year on record. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others nod in total agreement. Even Oprah agrees:

Image result for pics of oprah and weinstein

See, even that perv Harv agrees with Oprah! Hey, the UN is all-inclusive isn’t it?

Oxymoron statement of the week: Going on a vacation in North Korea.  It was a wonderful experience. What surprised you the most one tourist was asked. “Oh, the hats of course.”

Slide 14 of 22: <p>“We were allowed to meet ‘locals’ on set occasions (co-op farms, a school and so on) and it was probably all staged. I found it weird thinking that often just out of sight there could be a prison camp: some are the size of entire counties and close to Pyongyang but when you’re in a tour group you follow a very set route. When you’re in hotels at night you’re not allowed to leave.”</p>“Yeah, and its all-inclusive.” another tourist remarked. “And the food is to die for:”

Image result for poor pics of north korea

This just in: A form of that same (Ontario) ideologically based sex-ed called SOGI 123, is being rolled out in BC. The SOGI curriculum, among other things, teaches that gender is fluid and not determined through biological sex – Says who? Just like in Ontario….to eight year old kids for heaven’s sake!  We have to rid ourselves of this progressiveness and soon before all of our values are undermined and destroyed by this hard-core ideology being pushed down the throats of our children in our schools. C’mon teachers, get back to our core teaching values, as in the new math:

1 + 1 = 11…..;or…..2 + 2 = 22  C’mon now.


Song for the day:

Sad Lisa

Have a terrific Thursday: